After a successful first year in terms of developing and introducing Mercer & Barker Ltd into the Brass instrument mouthpiece market both myself and Carl feel that we have come a long way, Our aim in the first year was to develop and market a range of tuba mouthpieces, both being tuba players we felt this was a good place to cut our teeth,  it’s been a rocky road not only in launching a new venture but having to deal with a worldwide pandemic literally forcing the brass band movement into hibernation for over 12 months with us all peering into the future hoping to tread the carpets of band rooms, concert halls and contest stages. Are we any closer? I don’t know.

All things considered we have had better than expected global sales with the USA taking 13.5% of our market closely followed by China and Australia. If you check out our reviews some of the top Tuba players from the Brass band movement and been quietly impressed, to name but a few: Matt Routley, Dave McGlynn and Big Gav from Dyke, Shaun Crowther principal EEb Bass with Grimethorpe, Dr James Gourlay who now resides in the U.S.

So now the move into Euphonium and Trombones, Yikes, hold onto your hats! We are very lucky in this country to have some of the finest Euphonium Players in the world and therefore a wonderful resource to tap into when developing mouthpieces so we have been extremely fortunate to have the likes of Gary Curtin, Glynn Williams, Dave Thornton, Dan Thomas and Chris Robertson all kind enough to give the new mouthpieces a run out and give invaluable feedback for us to work with and develop further. I feel this is a template to work with going forward and we would like to think that by the end of the year will be close to completing the full complement of Brass Instrument Mouthpieces.

Our end goal is to become an established household name in the mouthpiece market offering readily available British Made Mouthpieces of high quality at an affordable price.

Any feedback on the new website would be great, any topics you would like to discuss on our Blog drop me a line, we have some great interviews lined up, funny stories to tell along with keeping you all up to date with our progress so, please be kind!

Finally, I’ll leave you with one last thought:

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand”.

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