Try Before You Buy!!

You know what? It’s a wonderful option, No other mouthpiece company offers this, simply contact myself or Carl through the Facebook page or website, pay £10 postage and we will send you the mouthpiece of your choice to try out for a week, unfortunately this is only available for UK customers but why not give it a go. UK Brassbands why not treat your engine room to a full set as we will offer discount on multiple purchases. If you guys are local to the Northwest why not invite me or Carl to a rehearsal and we will bring a set with us, maybe even have a blow while we are there.
We have plenty of stock of all models and finishes, fill ya boots.
We are also hoping to add to our range of trombone mouthpieces in the coming months, watch this space.

cornet players you may have to wait until Christmas ooops I may have said too much.



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