It’s a pleasure to announce Simon Gresswell as a Mercer & Barker Artiste, Simon has agreed to endorse our MB3 “Grezzy “ a fabulous tuba player who has graced many a Bandroom and concert hall in his time with the best. Simon is a wonderful advocate of the BBb Bass and shares a wealth of experience with all that grace his presence.

please read his review below:

Simon Gresswell Yamaha Artist and former member of Yorkshire Building Society, Black Dyke, Williams Fairey and Brighouse & Rastrick Bands.

So why after all these years have I changed mouthpiece. Since I can remember I have championed the VB 24AW. After some time away from playing I decided to get my chops back in order and took my playing back to the absolute basic level. Whilst doing this I thought I would try a few mouthpieces to see what was available.

I felt I needed a little more room in my mouthpiece, so I tried several mouthpieces, most instantly dismissed. That is apart from the MB3. I kept returning to this to try different things and found it made my task easier with regards producing notes in all ranges.

Do not get me wrong I have had to re-align some methods I use but in the main it offered me a little more room to produce notes without the breaks in embouchure I previously used. This however is what I wanted. Some say it is the same size as a VB 24AW but I have to disagree with that assertion.

This mouthpiece is not a “bucket” and helps me retain the correct type of sound I am looking for.

I am a stickler for making sure I produce the best sound possible. I always want to control the mouthpiece and make sure the mouthpiece is not in control of me.

I would like to thank the team at Mercer Barker for standing by probably one of your fussiest players

Simon Gresswell


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