Well here it is folks, the stainless steel version of our Tuba mouthpiece range, great for people with allergies, gorgeous on the lips, just read Lawrence Eccleston’s review it really gets you chomping at the bit to give it a whirl. We currently have it out there with some big hitters in the Tuba  world and the feedback is extremely positive. They are more expensive of course as costs to manufacture cost of materials increase but compared to regular gob irons you don’t need to re-plate them, maybe a polish up, harder material so less dinks so the longevity increases. These are also available on the try before you buy scheme which is going great guns. Sales are doing well since the launch, better than expected. So all bodes well for funding our next venture with other instruments mouthpieces in the pipeline.
To all you players out the we now invite you to spread the word and checkout our new website subscribing if you like for any up and coming offers, new products. Just hit the link or type into you address bar: www.mercerandbarker.com

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”


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