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Having fine players helps – but given there are just four stanchion points on which a conductor can create a warm, dynamic structure then it also helps if they are provided with well designed tools for the job.

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Their stated aim is to produce mouthpieces that they say are, “…not only aesthetically pleasing but have been developed and designed to improve core sound, adaptability and secure intonation across all registers.”

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And that is where the MB2SS really made its mark – allowing copious amounts of airflow without restriction, yet still enabling the tonality to remain warm and centred throughout the range.

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A fine mouthpiece for established players who wish to keep providing a big, dark, richly resonant sound without losing flexibility. As we have said though – it’s a beast – although one that can be tamed.

It comes at a premium price( £195.00 for the stainless steel model), but it has lots to offer and if you are serious about your playing then an investment in one of these (and there are various finishes to consider) and your MD may well start to look at you in a different light.

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Even someone with the pipes of Shirley Bassey would have trouble testing the limits.

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This is a mouthpiece that gives back in interest to the player who really works its characteristics. The tonality it helps produce is rich but lean, allowing a good player to explore extremes.

It’s top end price wise (£195.00 for the stainless steel model) and its up against some well established rivals, but it certainly offers something different.

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First impressions are that it looks like an imposing but extremely well finished and quality product. The silver plating is evenly applied and the design details of the lines going around are crisp and clear. A great start.

Upon playing the mouthpiece, you can instantly feel the solidity in the lack of vibration in the mouthpiece, but the sound it produces is brighter than I would have expected, with lots of overtones. Enjoying the sound that is made is everything to, and I was in pressed by the centred full sound it produced across the range.

I always think the contact with the face is important. I was never a fan of the large cushion on a Bach 24AW, although I know a lot of people are. Although this compares in size to the 24AW or Wick3, the rim is rounded and comfortable without being too wide. The heftiness is in the metal surrounding the cup rather than the rim.

The responsiveness is good for the big sound it can make, but the amount of metal may need a bit more work to keep the precision of articulation. This is something any player can adapt too given time, and in sure it will be well worth the effort.

Over all this is a quality product made in the UK at a competitive price, designed by Tuba players for Tuba players.
Check it out.

Joe Cooke


Luckily for you all I won’t be going on about back bore or any other essential dimensions of these mouthpieces, simply because I don’t know any and it wouldn’t mean much if I did.

I got the opportunity to try the MB3 and MB1, first impressions they look great and are heavy. The MB3 felt a little small on my chops but listening to the maestro Joe Cooke demoing it, it seemed to suit him nicely. The MB1 felt better on my face but seemed too big if for the EEb and more suited to larger tubas. After further discussions the guys at M&B came up with the MB4, WOW!!, this is the dog’s doo dahs.

The mouthpiece allowed me to create my whole register with the feel and sounds that I wanted to hear, that is with a little fizz. However, in different styles and genres of music the MB4 allows me the freedom to adapt the timbre to suit.

Let be honest there isn’t a mouthpiece in the world that makes a good, average or bad player any worse or better. What I really appreciated is the option to try these mouthpieces, I can’t say that I have tried lots of mouthpieces but when the MB4 hit the instrument the sound and feel I wanted, expected was there and it gave me the ability to facilitate any type of articulation and a solidity of sound.

The MB4 is easily the most comfortable I have felt with any mouthpiece, George and Carl have been nothing but helpful and they are British, “Rule Britannia”, I promise that if you give them a try you won’t be disappointed in performance and aesthetics, the customised ones are absolute class and in proud to be associated with the Mercer & Barker range of mouthpieces.

Shaun Crowther Principle Tuba with the world famous Grimethorpe Band.

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MB3 mouthpiece used from July 2020 – present day, using as an everyday mouthpiece.

Sound: full across all registers and really sings in the upper octaves, lovely pedal tones.

Response: moves between octaves easily, can take lots of power, articulation requires more support but this can be gotten used to.

Intonation: no concerns.

Appearance: Variety of Personalisation options, gold plating good, neat and tidy design.

Feel on the face: sits nicely, feels comfortable, prefer the rounded rim.

Overall: a superb mouthpiece that has really helped enhance my playing and at a competitive price.

Well Done Mercer & Barker

Sarah Billard Tuba player, conductor and teacher

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Mercer & Barker MB2 mouth piece review.

The first thing that impressed me with this mouthpiece was the box it came in. At a time of such uncertainty for the manufacturing industry it was pleasing to see the ‘Made in the UK’ sticker adorning the box, bravo chaps.
On examining the mouthpiece, the first thing I noticed was the sheer weight of it. This feels like a substantial, quality piece of kit which is important when choosing a mouthpiece for any instrument. The mouthpiece is attractive and unfussy which are both plus points to me personally, however I am aware that there are a varied range of options regarding plating and personalisation. Being a BBb Tuba player and being used to playing on a large mouthpiece I decided to focus my attentions on the MB2 as I’m used to playing on something of a similar size. The mouthpiece gives a warm solid tone and presents no issues in relation to intonation. The higher register is always going to be challenging on a mouthpiece of this size, but the lower registers are where this mouthpiece excels. It provides a good even tone right in to the pedal range and presents very little resistance or the need to be tempted to over blow. Good diction is possible (although on a mouthpiece of this size this requires a good deal of effort) and the mouthpiece always feels comfortable on the lip. Moving between octaves is smooth and gives a clean, even sound.
Overall, I thought this to be a mouthpiece of quality that I look forward to doing some serious playing on when full band rehearsals are back up and running.
I would like to thank both Carl and George for the opportunity of testing this mouthpiece and for allowing me to give this feed-back.

Dave McGlynn
Black Dyke Band.

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Another fantastic review from one of our happy customers. Thank you, Alex Neilson.

I’m a relatively new to EEb bass playing, playing first EEb (by default) in the second section and was looking for a new mouthpiece to replace a PT-50+ loaned to me. After trying different mouthpieces from a variety of manufactures Mercer and Barker was suggested to me. I messaged them one evening and to my surprise received a reply within minutes. Just how many sales guys will take time out of their evening to follow up a simple request. I was impressed.

Alex Neilson

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After a quick chat of the range available I opted for the MB1

As well as sounding good I wanted a mouthpiece that looked good and requested a gold rim and band but with a satin finish to the silver plate. Not an eye lid was batted and they managed this strange custom finish before I had chance to get payment over (although there was hope I wouldn’t start a trend)

My new mouthpiece arrived on my doormat the following morning and on opening the box the only work to describe to describe its look is awesome. The guys have done a fantastic job but what did it sound like

I immediately plugged it into my Besson EEb and was not disappointed. I’m relatively new to EEb and was looking for a mouthpiece that gave me good sound through the range, was comfortable below and above the stave. I was not disappointed. I found the rounded rim comfortable and easy to play on. After getting used to the feel I discovered a new-found ease with flexibility and intonation. My lower register suddenly came to life, power and attack became easier and wasn’t lost as I moved up through middle and higher registers

Now I’ve been playing on this mouthpiece for a few weeks now and that initial euphoria has not diminished or tarnished in the slightest. The more I practice the more accurate my playing has become. I just can’t wait to get back into the band room and see how I sound with my team around me

In summary easy people to talk to, excellent service and an awesome mouthpiece

A Happy Customer

MB3 Customer

Had a first blow on the MB3 very impressed with sound and intonation plenty of bite for a heavy mouthpiece rim so much nicer than the Bach and slightly wider at 31.4 as far as I remember probably because of rim shape very flexible and you can put a lot of air through without break up of sound. Well done Mercer and Barker gents impressed so far. Best wishes

MB3 Customer

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Steve March review:

Like most, I’ve tried a LOT of mouthpieces and I have always ended up back on the 24aw.  Great sound, versatile, responsive but just a bit peculiar on the face (for me) and it always took a lot of work rather than being my natural fit.

The MB3 is the closest to that sound I’ve found, but with the bonus of feeling great on the chops.  I really like the sound, the articulation is great, the whole register is easy (high up is a joy!) and the comfort on the face means a more focused and consistent embouchure (better flexibility, more natural tuning etc).

I’m a convert, it’s a great mouthpiece.

EEb players, this is worth a try if you are in the 24aw, Wick / Alliance 3, Perantucci 24 / 61 zone.

Steve March
Desford Band

A Happy Customer

Hi Car/George, here is review of the MB4 tuba mouth piece for you.

My first impressions are that the sound is full and resonant for a medium cup type mouth piece not always the case with smaller cups and can easily sound harsh and to direct not with this one though has plenty of bite when needed and a cracking sound full of overtones probably to do with extra mass and a decent size bore a good soloist. chamber group and flat tuba brass band piece for sure worth a try, good work gents, I think the MB4 and MB3 are both worth a try for all eeeefers out there.

Best wishes

Adam Griffiths Jersey Premier Brass and Jersey Symphony Orchestra

A Happy Customer

MB3 Customer

Hi Carl.

So then regarding the MB3 –

It feels very comfortable to play and sits nicely on the face.

The sound is good and the mouthpiece responds well at different dynamic levels.

The mouthpiece copes well with range and the range is extensive from very low up to high (not that the Bb Bass was built for high).

Having tried various technical exercises from the Arban the articulation is pronounced and clear.

It would be nice to try the mouthpiece in a few rehearsals to get the ultimate feel for it, but sadly that is not possible at the moment. That aside I like what I’ve tried so far.

Matthew Routley
Black Dyke Band

Hi Carl,

I’ve blown the MB1, with the slightly bored out throat, using a band Imperial BBb. Great solid sound throughout the range…Pedal Bb to Bb 3rd line in treble. You an feel the size difference from my 24AW immediately, but it is not off putting. Indeed, it was comfortable straight away. Tuning wise it is excellent. It does feel good on the chops. I would certainly, recommend it. If you so desire, you can shift some serious volume without compromising the sound quality. Well done Carl and George.

Colin Sneade

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