Q&A Session

1. At what age did you start playing and on what instrument?
I started playing cello at age 8 and then started learning euphonium as well when I was 11. I then taught myself to play the trombone at age 15 (instead of revising for my GCSE’s – woops!)

2. When and why did you move onto Tuba?
I moved onto tuba in January 2016, initially I moved to help out my local band South Yorkshire Police, but fell in love with the instrument and has been my main instrument ever since.

3. Who inspired you musically?
I always watched the Proms growing up and enjoyed hearing the musicians, when I was a kid I also looked up to the older children in the bands and always inspired me to achieve the next level in my playing.

4. Favourite Band?
Black Dyke

5. Would you ever play (un-written) pedal notes sat next to a BBb Bass playing in a brass band?
No, as would just get the evils!

6. What is your favourite Note to play on the Tuba?
I do enjoy a pedal B.

7. Orchestra or Brass Band?
Brass Band for the music, orchestra for the people.

8. Favourite Venue to play?
Royal Albert Hall

9. Which bass section would you like to have sat in and why?
Too many to mention!

10. Have you ever cried to a piece of music?
Yes, I played second euphonium at David Lever’s funeral and several pieces of music got me going that day.

11. If not the Tuba then which instrument, and if you started again would it still be the Tuba?
For fun, yes. For making money, no. I love singing so would probably choose voice as my first instrument.

12. Any Tuba related targets on your bucket list?
I’d like to play Solo Eb Bass at The Open, continue playing Bavarian gigs (I really enjoy these) and just generally sharing my music to a wider audience. I have a few projects planned for the coming months that I hope to share on my page.

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